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Eric Jackson

Sponsors: adidas, Lib-Tech, Von Zipper, Stance, Airhole, Mammoth Mountain, Wave Rave
Hometown: Crowley Lake, California

Eric Jackson is truly a product of his environment. Raised on the steeps of California’s Eastern Sierra range, E-Jack grew up riding the massive parks of Mammoth and exploring the surrounding backcountry as a hyperactive grom. Driven by his older brother John, Eric rode twice as hard and developed a deep bag of tricks and explosive style. In 2011, Eric joined a new crew and produced a mind-bending blower pow-filled part for People Films’ Good Look that earned him Men’s Video Part of The Year honors from TransWorld SNOWboarding as well as a coveted spot on SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Top Ten Riders Of The Year list.
Helen Schettini

Sponsors: adidas, Billabong, YES, NOW, Airhole, Whistler Blackcomb, The Circle
Hometown: Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Lives: Encinitas, California/Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

The backcountry environment is a demanding and dangerous place. Learning how to handle a snowboard in this often harsh and always consequential terrain isn’t for everyone. Helen Schettini however, is totally up for the challenge. The Kamloops, British Columbia native who migrated west at age seventeen to pursue her snowboard dream has spent the last several seasons exploring and progressing in Whistler’s legendary backcountry. As one of only a small handful of female riders who undertake the sled-accessed approach to big-mountain freestyle, Helen has come a long way in a short time.
Jake Blauvelt

Sponsors:, adidas, Oakley, Ride, Mountain Light Project
Hometown: Waterbury Center, Vermont
Lives: Bellingham, Washington/Waterbury Center, Vermont

As a world-renowned pro at the forefront of backcountry progression, Jake is known for his fluid blend of soulful freeriding and innate technical trickery. In his quest for pure, all-mountain expression, the Vermont native turned Washington local has pursued a singular and relevant path in snowboarding. Jake’s formative years were spent on the east coast competing in icy halfpipes and rock hard slopestyle courses, until he turned pro after winning some of the biggest events in the world, including the U.S. Open. After establishing himself as a top competitor in both venues, Jake set his sights on the backcountry, where a string of progressive video parts followed suit and positioned him as one of snowboarding’s best all-terrain talents.
Stats Sponsors: adidas, Gnu, 686, RedBull, Dragon, Eastern Boarder, Sony Action Cam Hometown: Jamaica, Vermont Lives: Portland, Oregon Bio Watching Forest confidently step to big, brutal street rails you’d never guess that he’s such a mellow kid. It’s true. He’s a self-proclaimed Dead Head from rural Vermont. Over the past few seasons this semi-nomadic slayer has emerged as a versatile rider committed to steadily progressing his game on all types of terrain. His creative, skate-inspired approach to the streets is backed by solid board control fundamentals that he honed as a young buck on the icy slopes of Stratton Mountain. Summers spent riding Mount Hood and a few seasons of lapping perfectly sculpted parks in Tahoe set him squarely on the path to the pros.
Fear surged through my veins, my muscles tense as coiled springs, ready to explode at the slightest touch, yet relaxing was vital - I desperately fought to slow my breathing and calm my mind. Tenuously clinging to the dead vertical face like one of the many small succulents which covered the wall, obscuring the holds. I was six hundred metres above the ground, with the last bolt out of sight, at least ten metres below my feet, and still unable see anything above. Scenarios flashed through my mind; we had just heard that a member of the only other party to repeat this route had broken his leg during a fall… “
Best not to think… Just concentrate and focus on the next move… You will be fine… One move at a time… Don’t think about anything else!
“Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!” The call to prayer echoed across a craggy cirque in the Hajar Mountains. Jakob and I were in Oman to climb at a virtually unknown sport-climbing area near the small village of Hadash.

To say it was scenic here would be a grievous understatement. The purple, slate crag was exposed on a shoulder of a gigantic mountainous bowl, 1,000 metres above the plains below. Below us, dirt tracks snaked across dry riverbeds and small rocky outcrops appeared lunar and minuscule against a backdrop of 2,000-metre peaks. The call to prayer rang like a testament to the majesty of it all.
Jakob pitched off the crux of his route and swore his bad beta: “Agh, I should just do that!” The route was definitely possible for him, but he seemed preoccupied with other thoughts.
ADIDAS GOES ALL IN FOR FOOTBALL FANS WITH LAUNCH OF VIRTUAL STADIUM – ‘all in arena’ launches exclusively for MENA market – – Fans unite to experience 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil in real time, marking the first brand platform of its kind in the region–
Hot on the heels of the launch of adidas’all in or nothingWorld Cup campaign, the world’s leading football brand is continuing its commitment to providing an unrivalled tournament experience to sports fans across the region with the launch of the adidas‘all in arena’. The virtual stadium will unite fans via Twitter, connecting them in real time for all World Cup matches.
Launching exclusively for the MENA region, adidas promises to take fans closer to the action and the glory than ever before by giving them a taste of a World Cup stadium atmosphere accessible on their fingertips – either through their PC, tablet or mobile.
a:Every story has a beginning, and this one is no different. On his extended tour of South America, slackliner Lukas Irmler hung his lines higher and more spectacularly than ever before. We got to the roots of this trip. From b to z. Because a was at the beginning.
b:razil192 million inhabitants, the world’s fifth-largest country. Home of carnival, the rainforest, the Amazon, passion and emotion. An emerging economy, a land with many faces, a diverse and handsome society. Now a hotspot for the international slackline community. See g for more.
c:urriculum vitaeCV or résumé. Some CVs focus on academic achievements. Some on records. Some on both. Lukas Irmler has a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, for example. He also holds multiple records in slacklining
d:rivenWere we just talking about records?
Cautiously climbing into unknown near horizontal territory, tensing every muscle to stay close to the wildly overhung rock, I stretched barely reach a chalk daub... “Damn!” it was a bad sloper. I retraced my movements to my last restful stance. Jamming my knees into the rock and letting my head hang down towards the ground, like a bat in its lair. I hung like this for a long time, trying to shake the lactic acid out of my arms. I had no idea where my next piece of protection would be – there were no cracks or obvious places to put gear, just pockets in a near horizontal roof... Ah, welcome to the Grampians!
The Grampians – a low range of gum tree covered mountains, rising out of the flat plains of Victoria, Australia, littered with outcrops of bullet hard orange sandstone.
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